Welcome to my site.  I must warn readers that my site is changing constantly.  From time to time, old information will be replaced with new findings.  When necessary I will attempt to make it apparent that updates have been made (for those who may currently be basing their projects from my own work).

Areas Of Interest:

Solid State Tesla Coils are a careful mending of Turn of the Century technology driven by modern day high power semiconductors.  The results are truly worth the efforts involved.  See the new progress with DRSSTCs as power levels climb!

NEW! Musical Tesla Coils!

Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils utilize older technology to drive Tesla's resonant transformers.

Marx Generators are a unique method of generating extremely high voltage pulses.

High Voltage Sources:  Means of generating high voltage including flyback transformers, ignition coils, Cockroft-Walton voltage multipliers, pulse transformers, electrostatics, home made transformers and other various methods.

Low Voltage Power Supplies: Includes switch mode power supply designs.

Induction Heating.  Power semiconductors and brute inductive force used to heat metal with no physical connection between power supply and work piece.

Pulse Power:  High voltage, high energy discharge capacitors used to perform various forms of magneforming or projectile acceleration.

You can find all of my various Video files Here

Here is a collection of many websites that I often reference.


11/32/2008: Added some updates to my universal driver and a little update on the DRSSTC-0.5.

6/19/07: Musical DRSSTC page added.

5/15/06: Made some progress on the 12kW PFC boost converter, still need to do high power tests, but it looks promising so far!

12/21/05:  Error found in my "interrupter with burst mode" schematic, it was a timing cap value.  Please see revised schematic in the DRSSTC sections.

12/9/05: Added a Pulse Power section.

10/22/05: See the HV sources section for the arc pendulum.

10/1/05: DRSSTC-2 recently hit 12 feet!  Estimated power input was somewhere around 6500W.  Started writing a DRSSTC Guide of sorts (See SSTC section).  Have recently been focusing on a 12kW boost converter, some of that work can be seen in the High Voltage Sources section.

8/30/05: The site as a whole really needs some work, especially in the DRSSTC area.  I'm working on a DRSSTC design guide (See the SSTC section).

6/9/05: Added CCPS to the "High Voltage Sources" index, check it out.

6/6/05: Much work has been done with the investigation of the DRSSTC magnifier.  While the results looked great, I feel that it is not worth the extra efforts involved with construction and actually making the thing work.  I put up my Class E SSTC page in the SSTC section.  I'm also working on a high power (3kw) CCPS (capacitor charging power supply).  More info on that as the project progresses.

Old news is held in the News Log.