The following are various videos of my projects, usually taken with a digital camera (for pictures, not video) hence the poor quality.  Most videos will be in .AVI format, and some may require DivX codec to view them.  Just right click and do "save target as...".

DRSSTC2 - This is a video of my big DRSSTC making 10' sparks in my backyard.  Its about 1.2MB.

833A VTTC - In this video my single 833A VTTC is producing 24" sparks.  3.1MB.

SSTC-2 - Here is one of my older SSTCs doing about 2' sparks.  Sorry no sound.  819kB

Twin SSTCs - My twin SSTC makes 31" sparks in this video.  482kB

DRSSTC .5 - This tiny DRSSTC makes some 16"+ sparks in this video. 7MB.

5 Stage C-W - My C-W making some pretty nasty arcs.  3.9MB

DRSSTC3 - Some 32" strikes from this little coil.  3.9MB

DRSSTC1 - DRSSTC-1 kicks out 6 foot sparks.  3.10MB