News Log



3/6/05:  I spent most of my spare time working on the DRSSTCs, you can find various updates on those pages.  Never built the VTTC I planned on, maybe next year.  With the little time that school leaves me with I will mostly be focusing on DRSSTC improvements.

12/13/04.  Everything seems to be going smoothly with the new site.  Transfer times are much faster now :-).  Anyway, more and more pages are being added as well as updates on the DRSSTC stuff.  I added a tiny DRSSTC as well as some updates with my other work.  Not sure when all of the pages will be brought online, hopefully before the new year (I have more time now that I'm done with this semester of school). 

11/22/04.  I started working on the site today.  With my newly acquired hosting from I am looking forward to a faster transfer rate than my old site.  This new site is going to take a lot of time and effort, but I think it will be worth it.  All of the old site stuff will be moved here, but it will be in a "History" section, where these projects are no longer worked on, and information is presented just for the sake of documentation of design.  I will most likely be revising most all of the old content as well, so pages should appear speratically.  For new projects I am hoping to have the motivation to write log books containing measured and theoretical data/infomation as well as current construction pictures etc.  Each project should also have a main page giving a brief summary and finalized information. 

New projects coming up this winter:  150kv Cockroft-Walton voltage multiplier.  The goal is 10ma at 150kv continuous output to be used for various high voltage experiments.  A new Marx generator has been added, the plan is to run twins for nearly 1MV output voltage.  Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil work is still continuing, and plans are being made for something large and impressive.  I also plan to build a very original Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil this winter, provided I have the time to achieve what I am planning to.