810 Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil

Here is the 5th vacuum tube tesla coil I have built. Its the latest of those seen on my website. It uses a single 810 tube (2500V). The circuit is very similar to that of the 304TL VTTC (see the 304 page for the coil specs, its the same aside from a lower grid leak resistor value of 3k).  With the voltage doubler it makes awesome 16" sparks. This coil is complete. What I mean is that, the variac and staccato controller are built into the small 11x12" base! Its a very classy coil if I do say so myself. The base is made from solid oak. Enjoy the pictures!  Specs below:

Secondary Coil 3.5" PVC wound to a length of 11.5" of 26awg magnet wire.
Toroid 7"x1.5"
Primary Coil 36 turns of 14awg stranded THHN on a 6.5" PVC form.
Tank Capacitor 2 series 2nF 40kv doorknob caps made by TDK. (TDK-UHV series)
Feedback Coil 20 turns of 26awg magnet wire wound on the same 6.5" PVC form as the primary, .75" above.
Plate Supply Small MOT (1900V) with a voltage doubler using the microwave oven diode with 2 parallel microwave oven capacitors (~2uF).
Staccato Controller See Staccato page.
Grid Leak Capacitor 2nf 10kv ceramic disk capacitor
Grid Leak Resistor 3k ohms at 100W.