Dual 833A VTTC

Updated 5/21/04

UPDATE: This project was retired for its bulkiness and rebuilt into the single 833A VTTC which has proven to perform just as well with a single tube.

This is my third vacuum tube tesla coil project. It uses about 2-2.5 kW of power in full operation. I have completed the staccato circuit and it works great with this coil. The coil makes 26" sparks as of now and about 28" with 140V input from the variac. I also recently rebuilt the coil onto an 11x17" solid oak base, along with building new, much better, sockets.

AS FOR THE SCHEMATIC (mixed in the picture gallery) :

** since my 833A tubes are not a matched pair, they need different grid feedback levels. So there is a tap at 15 turns. One tube only gets 15 turns of the coil, and the other tube needs all 22. Without this, the tube that requires less turns gets excessively red before the other tube breaks a sweat. This should be made aware of, and I feel this is a good solution to the problem.  UPDATE:  It seems while this may have worked somewhat I believe that I still didn't have the benefit of 2 tubes since the single 833A VTTC worked just as well as the dual.


Dual 833A VTTC Pictures (including schematic)