Marx Generator 1

This is my first and only marx bank.  It uses 11 stages.  Each cap is .0047uf at 16kvdc.  The spark gaps are spaced about 5/32".  The power comes from an 9/30 NST and 2 diode strings for half wave rectification to each side of the bank.  The resistors are all 10M rated 2200v.  Ive tested them up to 9KV (shorted across my NST) for long periods of time without failure.  They seem to work fine for this application.  The firing rate is slow at 1 fire per 12 seconds.  The spark is loud.  Its about 5" in length for roughly 100-125kvDC output.  9kv*11 = 99kv.  But maybe we want 9kv*1.41*11=~140kv.  So the output is what should be expected.